Monday, November 19, 2007

Parted.. Departed...

Once upon a time two random people met quite randomly. But when they met they clicked well and clung together as if they were randomly chosen to meet. Strangers become friends, friends grow strong into best friends... but then how long can a guy and girl live as best friends. Either they have to part or be a part of one another.

Marriage... it is always complicated. Starting from getting married, to staying married and even parting later, whether you have to or you choose to. Friendship doesn’t have any cultural, social, religious or racial barriers. But marriage is all about mixing and matching, perhaps matching and then mixing. Love can do wonders, as they say it makes you blind, bind and even sprouts new hopes out of no where. But wait till you get down from the heavens to the real world, when you have to think with your head and not heart.

So the random strangers, after the exciting honey moon period of the new relation, it is time for them to rationalize and call the new found relation a familiar name. How about calling it couples, but can a conservative catholic and a born-again new age Christian spirit unite under holy matrimony in an old fashioned catholic church, with the church bells ringing in harmony in the background. Seems they thought they can, but really?

They went on for a while hoping some miracle would happen and perhaps love is strong enough to overcome the social and religious differential. He thought she will bend and blend in, letting catholic love cool off her anti catholic spiritual extremes. But when he felt the hanging relation will end up in someone hanging, they had to either part for good or be good and unite. The pressure was on the girl, and how mean.. there are only two answers she can give, aye or nay. So far she some how managed to escape every time the topic came up, but it is time for decision making now!

She is confused, just like all women are when they have to decide something which affects them. But this time he is determined to end her confusion. So they decide to go for a drive. May be the poor guy thought that a few minutes of peaceful drive can end her confusion since several months! It is a late evening and they stopped by the deserted beach. He rolled the window down letting in the cold breeze, which hardly had any effect on the boiling and bubbling lava deep down his heart. After a long pause filled with deadly silence, he threw in the big question.. "So?"

She stared into the dark and deep ocean for a while and said "I don’t know.. hmm.. you can decide whatever you want, I will never complain". What does that mean, no body knows. Baffled, he said "It is not about what I can or want to do, I want to know what you want, whether you want me, can accept me as I am, and join me to build our family...." he went on, the same old thing which he has been asking again and again. She cut in the lecture and said "for me my Jesus is the most important thing in my life, I can’t think about coming back to catholic church, it is so lifeless". Dumbstruck he asked "If you asked me who is the most important person in my life, I would have answered - you! If you were so sure about this and... don’t say Jesus, but your rebellious religious ideology is more important to you than me, why.. oh why did we do this? Do you even love me?? Or, do you know what love is? Was I just one of you favorite toys which you are getting bored with... " he continued exploding with a bleeding heart.

As she broke into tears, her tears felt like acid on his skin. It burnt deep and he couldn’t stand it any more, it was hurting him more than her. He calmed down and they both sat there gazing into the darkness with heavy hearts. Every second went like an hour, he felt that his heart has swollen and is going to choke the lungs. It was one of those deadly moments, when every breath you take feels painful; every drop of saliva that you swallow goes down like a needle. Dramatic moments went by; the evening sea breeze helped them cool down, but failed to heal the deep wounds. They decide to part, and hopefully stay as good friends as they used to be.

Suddenly he felt cold metal on his ear. A black guy with gun pressed to his ear, yelled to give his wallet. She was at driver seat and he asked her to push the gas pedal all the way down and steer away. As they raced away, the thug shot twice into the car. She frantically sped into the main road and continued going. He said he is ok and made sure she is fine. They kept on driving for a while and as they got back to their senses she heard him repeating something muffled. His eyes were closed and was sitting back pressed against the seat. She figured out that he was uttering "I love you... love you...". She asked whether he is ok, but he kept repeating those words. She pulled over to the side of the road. Shook to wake him up but he collapsed onto her. Shockingly she realized that the whole seat was wet.. and wet by his warm blood. He was shot in the back. "Oh my god" she cried at the top of her voice "why did you do this to me, why you didn’t tell me...."... he whispered some how... "it is harder to live without you"... and fell into her arms.

If I live every moment
Won’t change any moment
You're still a part of me
I will never regret you
Still the memory of you
Marks everything I do, oh
You’re still a part of everything I do
You’re on my heart just like a tattoo
Just like a tattoo
I’ll always have you
I’ll always have you....


Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Ring

She is his cute new friend. They met a few weeks back, spent a few hours together. She is looking for a used car and he offered a ride to the dealer. It was a calm and quiet evening. After work they called up the dealer and fixed an appointment. They fought thru the evening rush hour traffic and reached the shop just in time. Her sweet voice and giggles made the tiring drive a soothing one.

The salesman was waiting for them and the shop was about to close. They sat at the reception schmoozing, while he ran to grab the car keys. The agent came back in a while and took them to the car lot. He showed them a bunch of cars, and as always, the more the options; the more the confusion! Low mileage, not too old, good color, attractive looks, resale value, reliability, Japanese make… she started running her long checklist against each car.

“So when is the marriage?” the question from the salesman was a total surprise. Both of them paused for a moment, with different emotions fading across their face. First they were confused, but later realized what he meant. She tried to ease the situation “Oh, we are just friends!” They blushed; as a wicked smile spread on the two faces. The sales guy didn’t seem to stop there; he asked the guy when he is gonna pop the big question. He grinned back with a pale face. He warned him that it is a pretty lady and he shouldn’t loose her. As he still continued grinning with no verbal response, he turned at the lady and said “I don’t think you would say no, would you?” Now she also put on the embarrassed smile and tried to contend that the guy is not foolish enough to ask her the question!

The salesman started telling his story about his old girl friend, whom he took around as a friend and never asked the question... and eventually lost her! Finally he married someone else, but he still miss his sweet old friend. Suddenly it started to feel suffocating, like in the midst of a sad romantic movie. “Oh come on, then I shouldn’t wait another moment and let’s do it right now itself” the young guy said with a big smile. To lighten the moment, he took out a diamond ring he had on his finger, stood on one knee and proposed her jestingly. She acted cool and gave her hand forward for him to put on the ring. As they hugged each other warmly; he whispered in her ears “Even though I did it as a joke, I think I am falling in love with you!” She uttered back “me too”… and hugged him tighter!

Monday, September 04, 2006



A tear of drop ran down his cheek. His voice had a mix of emotions, including the lovely pain of the painful love. Even though he was excited hearing her voice, the thought that he wouldn’t hear it again pierced his heart like a knife. He is in the airport, and in a few hours his flight will take him away, far away from everything of his own, including his love! Even though the number of their meetings can be counted on fingers, those few moments left them enough memories to live with; for a lifetime. Was it love, or how much they loved, neither of them have an exact answer. Perhaps the human language of letters and symbols can’t precisely quantify the amount of their love.

He sat in a corner near the boarding gate. As they talked, the past few months flashed across his mind. Every moment they spent together.. the laughter, the fun, loving and caring each other; even without knowing that their friendship is getting stronger and stronger every moment, and the bond is turning the relation to a closer one, where they seek the companionship every moment, live for each other, until death parts. May be death can split only them, not their love. Love could be very strange, but life is even stranger. Now here they are, whimpering on the phone and weeping in the hearts, seconds away from separation.

“… we will now start boarding for flight…. “, there isn’t much time left. He tried to console her, asking to think of everything as a dream, a very good dream, which will be cherished for a life, but just a dream... just another dream! He couldn’t find better words to solace her. She said softly, “Will you hug me tight now, and let me sleep in your arms one last night… and dream this lovely dream feeling your heart beating near me, for me… and… please leave without letting me know… for I can continue in the dream of my life…. and never wake up to the painful world of reality…”

He let her sleep on his chest…hugging her tight…. and when she slept…. he walked to the boarding gate… and tossed away the SIM card to the bin. The connection is lost; yes the ‘connection’ is... forever!

Monday, August 14, 2006


"Room 313, Sir".
"Thank You", I took the key and walked towards the lift.

The hotel was old and undergoing a renovation. The flight is late and this is the only one I could find to spend the night. A deserted hotel, in a deserted place. The room was in the third floor. Most of the lights in the hallway weren't working. Finally I found my room, and pulled in the luggage. The room was still kinda dark even after switching on all the lights. Had a quick shower and all I wanted was to crash. They had a king size bed and it was plush, big and comfy.

Work, work, work! What a tiring week. I went to the store and bought a case of lager beer. It is the weekend and I thought of enjoying the night. Couple of movies in a row, and I forgot the count of beer bottles which got emptied. Every time I wanted a sip, I had a bottle handy. Night crawled in, and I don’t even remember what all movies I saw. Some where scary, some were quixotic, some exotic and some even erotic.

Night started crawling in long back. I looked through the window; all I could see is thick woods. It is past 3 am. Read somewhere that Friday night 3 am is the time when the evil reaches the peak of its strength. Jesus is supposed to have died at 3 am on a Friday night. So naturally the power of darkness should be at peak when the light is off. The night is already feeling creepy and I felt like creeping onto the bed.

I slipped into the blanket and switched off the last light. The moonlight flooded in through the window blinds. I felt like I am sleeping in a cemetery. The air conditioner suddenly got on with a scary sound. The air is getting heavier. I pulled the blanket over my face and tightly closed my eyes. Did I hear a sound? A sound from under the bed? Did I hear someone scratching under the bed? A muffled cry for help? My eyes are getting heavy; and my breath too. I am falling into a dark hole, I am falling...!

The sound from under the bed got louder. It sounded like a girl. She is hitting and scratching under the bed frantically. She ripped apart a side of the box under the mattress and came out. I am too afraid to open my eyes. After a while it got completely silent in the room. The air got humid and warm. I started to sweat. I opened my eyes slowly and was shocked to see someone sitting on the recliner. She was pretty and seemed like a 30 year old Mexican. She was dressed like the hotel housekeeper. She smiled at me. The moonlight made her look like an angel. Suddenly she started to sob. I rolled out of the bed. She signaled me not to switch on the light.

I sat on the bed baffled. I asked her whether I can help her with anything. She hushed me to be quiet. "Something to drink?" I asked again. She abruptly turned her head and gazed at me. Her eyes were sparkling. An evil smile spread on her lips. She came over to me and said, "may be.... may be... hmm... I'm thirsty". All I could offer her was some beer. Before I could say something, she pushed me into the bed with an immense force. She was very quick and powerful, and I hit my head on the headboard. Next thing I remember is that I was lying on my back and both my legs and hands were stretched and tied to the bed. The blanket was thrown in the floor. I was tied down with bath towels. She was standing before the bed, and was laughing aloud. She climbed on to the bed and started crawling over me. I was wearing only shorts.

The warmth of her lips on my navel gave me shudders. The pretty Hispanic lady crawling on me excited me, but it was equally frightening. Her lips moved upwards and rested on mine. Pressing them onto mine, she whispered, "wont you give me company, I was so lonely there all these months... since I was raped and killed…". Her hair was all over my face and my lips were all in hers. Next moment she started to bite my lower lip. Her teeth were going deep into it and I was merely lying there helpless. I started praying, with all my belief, to deliver me from evil. Her teeth kept going deeper and I couldn’t even scream. Was she about to suck my blood? Or is she an alien and gonna stick her tongue into me? All kind of strange thoughts flashed before me. Suddenly I felt more light coming through the window blinds. I also heard a sound, irritating and was getting louder and louder.

The sound is too loud and is no more bearable. I shook my head and opened my eyes. The room is too bright and my head is so heavy. The alarm is ringing aloud and I slammed on it. I am not tied down anymore and the towels or the maid is no where to be seen. I noticed that the blanket is still on the floor. I rolled out of the bed and went to the wash basin. As I poured water over my face, I noticed that my lower lip is swollen. Hmm, it has teeth marks too! Perhaps I might have been too drunk yesterday night… and even might have bit myself! Or?

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Love in the time of Astrology

She was looking. He was looking. She was looking for a mate. He was looking for a friend. Fate made them meet. They became friends. Friends became best friends. Best friends became close friends. Fate plays. Close friends are now closed friends!

They met, they talked, they laughed together, they ate together… Life was colorful; there was a new hope, a new life. Spring sprung in their hearts. He hoped for more, she asked for more. But there wasn’t anymore more…. only the sophisticated twist…

There were two villains. One came as an astrologer and other as a psychic. They warned, they alarmed, they horrified… They said it was a match made in hell, something which should never happen. They justified with 101 reasons and 201 problems. They asked if at least a divorce is in the cards then why play with wedding cards. It was horrendous, atrocious and grievous.

She wasn’t his dream girl. But we don’t live in dream world. After all, what is perfect in life! We have to adapt, adjust and accommodate. He still stood for his love. He thought it is better to live as far as it goes than living without going any far. But he had promises to keep… and miles to go before he sleep. Finally he had to succumb to his family!

Story ends happily. They didn’t marry and yelled at each other or killed each other. She got married to a GUY and he got married to his life. They flew away. She flew east with her mate and he flew west with his fate, with a hurt heart, hoping the new place will instill a new life. Before she left, she gave him three gifts… a friendly hug, a stinging kiss; and a lovely pen to keep close to his heart. He had only words, and words that all he had, to take her heart away…

“Even though we part…
Some part of you still exists in me
It comes out… at times…
As tears through my eyes…

Those moments… those words…!”

They cried together… one last time. Life goes on, but…
The End.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Thursday the 13th

It was a Thursday. I had to go home urgently. So I took a day off and was waiting at the bus stop for the bus to my native. Finally the bus came. Since it is not a weekend, there isn’t much of a rush. During weekends the whole city is there at the stop.

My seat number was 14. I settled down quickly, laid back and closed my eyes in relief. It was a tiresome day, and it is around 9 in the evening. I have another 12 hours of travel to reach home. I felt as if I am falling into a dark deep hole… and slowly the sounds around were fading away.

I felt some pressure on my shoulder and lazily opened my eyes. I was surprised to find a gal dozing on my shoulder. It was couple of minutes past twelve and cold wind was gushing thru the window. I didn’t even know when my co-passenger in seat 13 came. It was a full moon day. I curiously looked at her in the moonlight. She had a very innocent and cute face. She looked like in her early twenties. She was comfortably sleeping on my shoulder, feeling very secure. Suddenly the bus braked and everyone was thrown forward. Involuntarily I pressed her head towards my chest, holding her from hitting on the seat before us.

She woke up, and pulled away from my chest... with a shy smile. I comforted her by assuring it was ok. She thankfully smiled and we started a conversation. She was also working in a software company. We quickly became friends and kept on talking for a while. After a while we decided to go back to sleep. She asked me whether I mind if she put her arm around mine and lie on my shoulder. She was too sweet to even remotely think of denying it.

Cold wind was blowing thru the window. I asked her whether she wants the window to be closed. She said she is enjoying both the coldness of the wind as well as the coziness of my arm. Even I was enjoying the warmth of her body pressed towards my arm. I could even feel her heart thumping on my upper arm. As the wind blew harder, she tightened her arm around mine.

I closed my eyes and excitedly went to sleep. As I was drowsing off, I suddenly felt her soft lips on my cheek. She laughed at my stunned look and cooled down me saying it is just a good night kiss. When I was about to go back to sleep she stopped me asking whether there isn’t one for her. I shyly gave her a flying one. She quetched that there is too much loss in the air. As I drew my lips close to her cheek, she flipped her face and pointed towards her lips, with a naughty smile. Hesitantly, I pressed my lips on her delicate ones… and felt like the whole world came to a stop there… till I came back to my senses when her hot breath impinged on my lips. I backed out and lied back on the seat... and she boldly lied on my chest... hugging me tightly…

Sun was shining so brightly on my face that I couldn’t sleep anymore! My angel wasn’t found any where… she seems to have gone… leaving me alone again in this dreadful world. I bitterly realized that I didn’t have any of her contact details, except the name and the company. Even though I missed her a lot, I thanked her in mind for the wondrous night. As my stop came I descended. At home, while sipping the coffee, my eyes were caught on one of the newspapers under the glass top sofa table. It had news about a bus accident on last week, in the route I just came. I hastily read the write up and one of the names of the deceased struck me like a lightning. I quickly checked the photos of the dead and almost screamed in awe when I saw her.

I wish to believe it was just a dream... or perhaps a kiss by an angel...?! But the warmth and softness of her kiss still linger on my lips.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Mr. Unlucky

He got thru the engineering entrance with a high rank and chose to study in the prime college. He passed engineering with university rank. Then he was working in one of the worlds largest IT companies. But his parents wanted him to study further. He also felt a void in his life when things didn’t work out with his (girl) friend. He has always been studious. So he found an interesting way to keep him busy and distracted from the loneliness he felt in life... higher studies. He thought he will try the toughest management exam, CAT (Common Admission Test) and get into one of the India’s premier management colleges (IIM – Indian Institute of Management). Even his parents wanted the same. He always wanted to be papa’s boy and hence ditched his (girl) friend too.

He applied for CAT and prepared like a rat. Days grew longer and nights shrank. He brushed up everything he learned from pre-university to engineering degree. He went on to read in width and depth. Finally exam came, and passed with flying colors!

He got calls from all the IIMs. IIMA (IIM Ahmedabad) is considered as the best among the lot. It was the last interview. He went for the interview with a heavy heart stuffed with high hopes. He had already started dreaming of being at the top of a software MNC, with a multi-lakh monthly income, an expensive car, a small bungalow and a beautiful wife. The GD (Group Discussion) round got over and he did reasonably well. He managed to beat around the bush with everything he has learned, seen or heard or could think. He is now waiting his turn for the interview, and pampering his endless dreams.

“Mr. X?”... a long pause, but no response. He is the last one for the interview. “Mr. X, hello…” he was called again. He didn’t respond and was sitting there with his eyes closed, as if he didn’t hear being called. The interviewer came closer and called his name aloud, again. He shook the shoulder of Mr. X and suddenly he fell to the other side. He put an end to his earthly life and … perhaps already started living in his dreams! He left us and flew to somewhere else… was it bird flu or just another unexplained premature failure of the human biological system?